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Yes, Jess & Erin,

Are you ready to save time during project completions?

Only just now I understand the importance of each phase of commissioning and why we are doing it on site.  The course is fantastic.  I've been searching for this commissioning course since 2010 and thanks to Mr. Paul Turner to make it happen.

Jonald R - Plant Project Engineer (electrical)

I Finally Understand Commissioning

I am very impressed with the content and explanations. Very professionally done, Paul Turner. The downloadable content is invaluable. Thank you for furthering my educational portfolio. I highly recommended this for anyone in the field.

Cale S - Construction/Commissioning PM

I Highly Recommend



This comprehensive course offers well-structured training materials. This is a good refreshing course for seasoned professionals as well as very valuable educational training for those who are about to start a career in commissioning.



Everyone loves our program...

This has to be one of the most interesting and applicable courses I have completed in years. Thank you for the opportunity.

Are you ready to upgrade your completion processes?

Are you ready to make a huge impact on projects?

Are you ready to make a difference with better project outcomes?

Thanks a million times. This training came to me at the right time as I am currently part of a team commissioning a new gas generator. The resources are tremendous. I really appreciate this opportunity, I can't wait for more.

 Dave L. - Funnel Coach for Clickfunnels' 
2CCX Program 
Purchased Conversion Domination MASTERCLASS


I was lacking information on the commissioning process as a whole. I now have a deeper understanding of all levels of the process. Thanks for the knowledge gained and the material provided for use as reference and guidance in future projects.



I must say, this was an eye opener for me. This program helped me to actualize my dream to have a career in commissioning and startup.



Delaying your project completions is risky...

There are an infinite number of ways to complete a project.

But how do you know what are the best-practices to ensure your project is successful?

Our Commissioning Academy Program is your shortcut to get the completions methodology you need fast.

It works for our students, and it will work for you...

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You'll understand the Integrated Commissioning Methodology for structured commissioning of industrial projects using industry-best practices to complete capital projects.


We know you're busy. So we design courses so they don't interfere with your busy lifestyle. Learn part-time what completing capital projects is really all about (4-5 hours each week), without having to watch 30 hours of video that you'll never finish. Lifetime access lets you refer to the course content during future projects.

Online resources are the best way to keep up with the industry-leading commissioning methods being used today. Hit the ground running with the expert commissioning knowledge you need.



When you first start to study completions & commissioning, it seems like you have to memorize a zillion things. You don't. What you need is to identify the core principles that govern the field. We simplify the process to get you up to speed fast.

Course Description

I always wanted to understand the commissioning process, and I can honestly say that this program exceeded my expectation. Looking forward to more.



Course Outline


Our Commissioning Academy Program includes on-demand training material and is packed with valuable templates to download, checklist and procedure examples, and project case studies. This course includes:

Automation CSU
Instant access to all automation commissioning training material/documents that you can take any time from the comfort of your home/office.

Case Studies
Example projects you can review to apply what you have learned.

Accredited Certificate
Receive your EIC accredited certificate with CEU/PDH credits, recognized worldwide.

Lifetime Access
Take the course now, or refer back to the material during your projects.


If you enroll and find out this isn't what you are looking for, send us an email and we'll issue you a refund - no questions asked within 30 days of enrolling.

Checklists & Procedures
Many examples of mechanical, electrical, and automation checklists and procedures that you can use as templates for your projects.

The Integrated Commissioning Methodology is structured into the following training sessions, which you can take at your own pace from the comfort of your home, as fast or as slow as you like.

Training takes approximately 4-5 hours per week you can take part-time over 4-6 weeks in the evenings and weekends so that the course does not interfere with your busy schedule.


  • 3 Pillars of Commissioning for Better Project Completions
  • Creating Your Commissioning Documentation - Checklists, Plans, Procedures
  • Commissioning Terminology to Speak the Language of Commissioning
  • Ensuring Commissioning Safety
  • Quiz
  • Assignment
  • CMS Software, including the benefits of software, how to select the best one for your projects, and how to set it up

Completions in Contracts

  • Engineering and Construction Contracts - Commissioning Requirements
  • Equipment Procurement Contracts - Commissioning Requirements
  • CSU Contracts Quiz

Completions in FEED

  • Gated Design Reviews - Commissioning and Operational Input
  • Detailed Design Package Reviews - Control Systems
  • FEED Quiz

Completions in Off-Site Testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) & Integrated FAT (IFAT)
  • Factory Testing Quiz
  • Factory Testing Assignment

Construction Completions

  • Construction Quality
  • Punchlist Walkdown & Closeout
  • Construction Completions Quiz
  • Construction Completions Assignment

CSU Completion Workflows

  • Gated Commissioning Process
  • Forms & Certificates
  • How to Systematize Your Project
  • How to Sequence and Schedule Your Commissioning Activities
  • How to Schedule Your Commissioning Activities
  • Commissioning Workflows Quiz
  • Systematization Assignment
  • Commissioning Workflows Assignment
  • Sequence and Scheduling Assignment
  • How to Prepare and Execute Your Pre-Commissioning - Mechanical, Electrical, Automation
  • How to Prepare and Execute Your Commissioning - Mechanical, Electrical, Automation
  • How to Ensure Your System Startup Goes Smoothly - Mechanical, Electrical, Automation
  • How to Complete Your System Performance Verification
  • Stages of On-Site Testing Quiz
  • Stages of On-Site Testing Assignment
  • How To Ensure Your Trial Operation is Successful
  • How To Complete a Smooth System Handover
  • Operational Readiness Overview
  • Trial and Handover Quiz
  • How To Complete Your Commissioning Deliverables
  • What is Required for Project Closeout

Mechanical Commissioning

  • Mechanical Commissioning Team
  • Mechanical Pre-Commissioning Examples and Templates
  • Mechanical Commissioning and Startup Examples and Templates
  • Mechanical Commissioning Assessment

Electrical Commissioning

  • Electrical Commissioning Team
  • Electrical Pre-Commissioning Examples and Templates
  • Electrical Commissioning and Startup Examples and Templates
  • Electrical Commissioning Assessment

Automation Commissioning

  • Automation Commissioning Team
  • Automation Pre-Commissioning Examples and Templates
  • Automation Commissioning and Startup Examples and Templates
  • Automation Commissioning Assessment

Integrated Completions
Lessons cover the entire Integrated Completions Methodology from start to finish.

Electrical CSU
Instant access to all electrical commissioning training material/documents 
that you can take any time from the comfort of your home/office.

Mechanical CSU
Instant access to all mechanical commissioning training material/documents that you can take any time from the comfort of your home/office.

Commissioning Academy - Integrated Completions

At the Commissioning Academy, we give you the methodology you need to complete your commissioning in and structured and organized manner, saving you time on your projects.

This course gives you the frameworks to complete mechanical, electrical, and automation commissioning to integrate all subsystems as one complete plant process.

  • Integrated Completions Methodology
    • You get the industry-best commissioning practices to successfully complete the last 25% of projects duing construction completions and commissioning. You'll be able to organize your commissioning using a professional approach.
    • You'll get a comprehensive methodology to complete capital projects, including:
      • Completions in Contracts
      • Completions in FEED
      • Completions in Off-Site Testing
      • Construction Completions
      • CSU Completions Workflows 
    • This complete framework teaches you how to embed completions into all stages of projects, so you can start with the end in mind to successfully complete capital projects.
  • Mechanical Commissioning

    • Mechanical commissioning techniques and over 80 templates/procedures to use as a guide to create your documentation.
    • Pipe flushing, cleaning, pressure testing, leak testing, mechanical subsystems, chemical subsystems, rotating equipment, and more.
    • Oil and gas, water/wastewater treatment, manufacturing systems, food processing systems, all mechanical plant processes.
  • Electrical Commissioning

    • Electrical commissioning techniques and over 90 templates/procedures to use as a guide to create your documentation.
    • Point-to-point checks, megger testing, auxiliary power systems, protection relay testing, interlock verification, motor tests, VFD settings, hi-pot tests, battery checks, transformer tests, and more.
    • Power generation, power transmission, renewable energy, electrical substations, backup power systems, and all electrical plant processes.
  • Automation Commissioning

    • Automation commissioning techniques with several project examples and document templates.
    • Loop checks, setpoints/ranges verification, communication checks, control room integration, alarm logs, control & protection, and more.
    • Fibre optic networks, distributed control networks, remote monitoring and control, all PLC-based SCADA/DCS control and monitoring systems for industrial plant processes.
  • Full System Commissioning

    • Specific training sessions to guide you through the entire commissioning process from start to finish - you'll know the steps to take at each stage of commissioning and the documents to use along the way

Learning Level

Intermediate to Advanced

Course Length

You can complete the course as fast or as slow as you like. Training takes approximately 4-5 hours per week over a 4-6 week period, which you can take part-time in the evenings and weekends.

Why Enroll?

Project Specialists that understand project completions and commissioning are in high demand. Anyone that understands the Integratd Commissioning Methodology can fill the highest-paid positions on projects. This course gives you the skills and expertise you need to work on fun and exciting projects while feeling challenged and rewarded every day.

CEUs or PDHs

50 PDHs (Professional Development Hours) equivalent to 5 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are awarded upon completing the course with a mark of 80% or greater on the final exam.

Course Exam and Certificate

Exams are multiple-choice, and can be re-taken multiple times if needed. Pass the exam with a mark of 80% or greater to receive your accredited course certificate.

What You Get

What You Get With the Integrated Commissioning Methodology

  • Standardized commissioning processes, so you can complete your project specific commissioning as efficiently as possible
  • Rapid re-use of commissioning processes from project-to-project that allow you to continue to optimize your project delivery
  • A 20% reduction in time for project completions and commissioning
  • An 80% reduction in commissioning snags with improved construction completions
  • A 30% reduction in costs by streamlining the transition from construction to commissioning 
  • No more manual spreadsheet tracking - your project commissioning processes modelled in powerful software systems to manage the work more efficiently
  • The ability to meet your project cost and schedule objectives

So You Can Optimize Your Commissioning Workflows for On-Time and On-Budget Completion of Your Projects

The Integrated Completions Methodology

Who is This For

This Course Is For:

  • Project teams requiring proactive planning and processes early in projects to complete capital projects on-time and on-budget
  • Project teams requiring the methodology and project management frameworks for construciton completions and commissioning to complete capital projects as efficiently as possible
  • Project teams working in the following industries: chemical manufacturing, power systems, renewable energy, semiconductor manufacturing, mining, water/wastewater treatment, food processing, or pharmaceutical

This Course Is Not For:

  • Project teams that have left commissioning to the last minute and are scrambling to figure out how to complete projects
  • Project teams that are not interested in a proactive approach to complete capital projects using industry-best practices.
  • Project teams that are not willing and able to implement new and improved processes to deliver proj
  • Building commissioning (HVAC test and balance) - our training program specializes in more complex commissioning of industrial plant processes
  • Please note, industrial plant process commissioning requires different contract structures, strict attention to safety due to the more hazardous conditions that exist, and operational readiness aspects that are not as prevalent during building commissioning.  Building commissioning personnel can certainly upgrade their skills for process commissioning by taking this course. But if you're strictly looking for HVAC TAB, then this course is not for you.


This is the first course I have ever seen that fully matches with what really happens at site.


Projects move fast. Don't delay, get the details you need to get started now.

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Commissioning moves fast. Don't delay, get the information you need to get started now.

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It's time to get all your ducks in a row to complete capital projects


All our programs are accredited, ensuring you are receiving training from a trusted learning provider.

Completing Capital Projects is Complex

There are a lot of moving parts on projects, and it's challenging to ensure projects are successfully completed during commissioning.

- What needs to be included in contracts for commissioning?

- How is off-site testing in the factory aligned with on-site testing?

- How are designs during FEED aligned with commissioning that takes place years later?

- What robust systems and processes are requried during construction completions to align with commissioning?

- How are industry-best CSU workflows defined and managed in software during commissioning and startup?

Without a structured methodology to follow, your projects quickly go off-track, and it becomes a grind to get to the end. Projects end up 6+ months late and 20%+ over-budget.

Project teams end up having half the time that was originally planned to complete commissioning, while trying to achieve dates that your project executive says you must meet.

So what are project teams supposed to do to manage their project completions?

This is exactly why we created the Commissioning Academy - to help you organize commissioning into an easy-to-follow process using the Integrated Commissioning Methodology, saving time on projects and helping everyone understand what is required to save time completing capital projects.

Join the waitlist to be notified of the next enrollment.


Lose Less Time Completing Capital Projects with the Integrated Completions Methodology

Accredited Course

The Commissioning Academy is accredited by the Engineering Institute of Canada

Pass the course and receive your certificate with accredited CEU/PDH credits.


Lose Less Time Completing Capital Projects with the Integrated Completions Methodology

CSU Frameworks to Plan and Execute Capital Project Completions and Commissionig